How to view Storyline 2 files in Sharepoint online

May 02, 2017

Published to web Storyline 2 files do not play when I click the the html and shockwave flash files on SharePoint 2016 online (part of Office 365). I uploaded all files through Explorer to SharePoint. All files are checked in as I never checked the published files out. I have tried the options in several threads on this topic but have not been able to view. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Linda Watson

In SharePoint 2010 this works. Please try it in the 2013 version, and let me know if it is still an option. Publish your files to your C drive. Open a SharePoint library. Click the Library tab at the top of the SharePoint screen to open the ribbon. Click "Open with Explorer". Drag all of the Articulate files from your C drive to SharePoint. Change the file extension on the story.html file from .html to .aspx. You must close the Explorer file. Open the library again and click the story.aspx file. Does your articulate file play?

Hallie Sinor

Hi Linda, Thanks for the suggestion and apologies for delayed response. When I did that and clicked the .aspx file, I no longer had permissions to view in a folder I had permissions to view. So I internally needed to make some requests through our IT and check folder setup permissions. I think that this is the solution though. Many thanks!

Jay Padharia

I ran into the same problem whilst using SharePoint online, and managed to fix it by using Linda's instructions. 

1- Download the Story.html file to your computer

2- Rename the file to end with .aspx

3- Upload the file to SharePoint 

4- Copy the link from the new .aspx file and paste it in your browser, which will play the file without downloading





Anuj Joshi

Here is the best possible solution for you.

First of all make sure the SharePoint2016 site is accessible to all or at least to the users who should have it. Ideally, make it a read only site for the members.

Second, publish your file locally and for best results publish for web.

Third, rename all the .html file to .aspx. When I say all there should be no more than 3 to 4 files on the main folder.

Fourth, place the entire folder on SharePoint and wait for it to sync completely.

Fifth, run story.html5.aspx, it should open on a new tab.

Sixth, copy the link from the new tab and share this to all your members.

This should do.


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