Storyline 3 Update and JAWS Reader

Aug 23, 2018

Hello! I recently updated Storyline 3 and am noticing that now the JAWS Reader does not tab as it used to do with layers. For example, I have a numbered list of buttons that show text layers when clicked on. The tab order is set up to go to each button and the corresponding text. Now, the JAWS Reader will keep going backwards to the beginning of the slide after selecting that button and showing the layer with the text. The only way to prevent this is to copy all the buttons to each layer and prevent the user from clicking on the base layer. Has anyone noticed this "bug"?

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Mike .


We are noticing an issue that sounds very similar to the issue posted by the OP in the latest version of Storyline 3 (mentioned by Ashley). We did not notice this issue on prior builds. I'm wondering if the fix for the user above broke something else similar.

Basically it appears that if you have a layer set to "Prevent the user from clicking on the base layer", tabbing to the first item on that layer is skipped to the next item on the layer. Our workaround right now is to create a transparent box that is the first item in the Tab order for that layer (but with not alt text), so that the learner doesn't miss the actual content. Not an ideal solution, but works for now.

Note that the issue only happens with HTML 5. Flash is fine.

Hopefully this can be fixed soon. I've attached a slide that replicates the issue.

Mike .


Issue described above still exists, however it's not as bad as we first thought. After testing in JAWS, we now realize that in HTML5, JAWS is automatically reading the first tab item on the layer immediately after tabbing on the button that shows the layer. In Flash this does not happen. Flash requires user to tab to first item to hear it, just like in previous version of Storyline.

Is this intended functionality that will persist across future versions of Storyline? It was not mentioned in release notes. This changes how we have to test our lessons for 508 compliance now. More time consuming to ensure tabbing is correct.

Mike .

Hi Kenneth,

Not exactly. I'll describe it better:

  1. Learner tabs to button and reader reads the button name prompting user to tab it. (works as expected)
  2. Learner tabs the button itself to show new layer and reader automatically reads first item in tab order on that layer without user tabbing (NOT working as expected)
  3. User then tabs to next item on that layer and reader reads that item. (works as expected).

Without using JAWS, it appeared that the HTML 5 browser was skipping the first item in the tab order (where as Flash browser was allowing user to tab to it). With using JAWS I then hear the first item automatically.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mike. Thanks for sharing all of that detail. We've documented this behavior as a bug. As you pointed out, the focus is on the first item in tab order, and JAWS will read it. Unfortunately, it isn't visually highlighted, and tabbing moves to the second item in the list.

We'll keep you posted about any changes to that behavior!

Lauren Connelly

Hi everyone!

We've just released a fix for this bug in Storyline 3!

In Storyline 3 (Build 3.10.22406.0), we fixed the bug where the feedback Layer wouldn't follow the Tab Order specified and the first item wasn't highlighted. Download the latest version of Storyline 3 to see all the accessibility enhancements included in this update!

Head over here to see the Release Notes!

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