Storyline 3 Update and Missing Fonts Message

May 03, 2018

We have recently upgraded from SL2 to SL3. Several of us were mid-stream with projects and had to convert them to the new version. Many of us have been getting a Missing Fonts popup when opening a project in Storyline 3.  The message states, "The fonts listed below are not installed on your PC. If you continue, text that used that font may not appear correctly in the application, or when published." It then lists the offending font(s) we should be looking for.  This appears to be occurring with projects where we have used templates created by others outside of our organization and shared.


Aside from reviewing all of the slides in the project AND reviewing the slide master to look for and replace the offending fonts, which can be painstaking and may not solve the problem, is there any other advice someone has for finding and replacing all instances of a font? Is there a quicker way to do this?


As long as the active project doesn’t use the font, is there a risk for publishing the course?  We test in both the stage and production versions of our LMS before we release a new module, but speed of publication and release is a concern.


Thanks in advance!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kelley,

When you open an existing project, or upgrade a project Storyline 3(or 360) will let you know if any fonts used in the project are missing from your computer.

This gives you the opportunity to install the missing fonts on your computer or replace them with another font in Storyline. 

If you don't choose a font, Storyline will default to Open Sans. This shouldn't cause any issues with your courses upon publishing, but it's a good idea to look through the slides to see if the change in fonts modified the text boxes or display of any items.

If you do have those fonts installed on your computer, and they're not appearing in Storyline, my first suggestion is to uninstall/reinstall the fonts within Windows and try applying them to a new .story file too. 

Shaheryar Khan


We have the same problem when updating form Storyline2 to Storyline3. All of our custom fonts are missing when loading the project in Storyline3. I can see the fonts are installed in the Storyline3. 

Is there anyway we can eliminate the find and replace font step as we have hundreds of slides to change the fonts.  We have three different fonts to replace with the one we need, 

Please advise, 



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shaheryar,

What fonts are you using in the Storyline 2 project? Do you see the missing fonts message or only that the fonts in Storyline have changed how they're displayed? 

Using the replace fonts feature is pretty fast - but I can see that causing an issue if you have a lot of fonts and a lot of different slides. 

Shaheryar Khan

Hi Ashley, 

We had missing two fonts in the begging but we were able to resolve one fonts through Adobe Creative Cloud. As soon as we updated the Myriad font in adobe creative cloud, Storyline3 stopped giving the font replace error message for Myriad  font. 

We still have one error where it says that we have a missing font Wanderlust Gold Pro, we made the slides with Wanderlust Gold on Soryline 2 but its missing in Storyline3. Though I can see there is Wanderlust Gold font is listed under the font drop down menu. We tried uploading our font to adobe Stack in case creative cloud can pick up but it did not help to resolve the issue. We have many slides to change the font. 

Please help. 





Shaheryar Khan

Hi Ashley, 

We created these slides in Storyline 2 using Wanderlust Gold 2 font.  Storyline 3 is recognizing this font as Wanderlust Gold Pro and error out. We never had any issues with this font. I believe its the same font just the versions are different. Storyline 3 is recognizing this font as Pro though it already has the Wanderlust Gold font listed in the drop down menu. No this font is not in the Creative Cloud , we purchased it separately. 

When we import the slides, the text is coming in the plain format with out any Wanderlust Gold styling. 

Yes it's strictly been replaced with a default font. 

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