Storyline 3 Update - "When Timeline Starts" default?

Jul 10, 2020

Since the new update, every button or action now has the default selection of "When Timeline starts" for the determining action.

Why???? This is incredibly annoying when most buttons, by their very nature, are activated when the user clicks, but now you have to change that from the new default. I don't get why this would be set this way, and it simply adds another step that makes no sense.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you are experiencing with your buttons in the latest update to Storyline 3. 

I installed Update 9 and you are correct, the behavior did change. I've reported this as a possible software bug for our team to investigate.

I do not know of a workaround outside of changing them manually or installing the previous version of the software. If you'd like to do so, please contact us directly here with this request and you can reference this conversation.

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