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Nov 21, 2016


A quick query. I have built a custom interface in SL2, where the menu pops-up from the bottom of the slide on click of the menu button. When i publish this for 360, I see the default menu panel button on the right side of the slides in case of mobile and ipad. Can I remove this default menu display in SL 360?



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Sajna Thomas

Yes, as the course has a chrome less interface, the menu and the other tabs are unchecked in the player.  

I tested it on the mobile. I have attached the image taken from my mobile. I don't want the right side default menu panel to appear as I have my own custom menu, which I have also displayed in the image.



Crystal Horn

I see what you're saying, Sajna.  If you've unchecked Menu from your Player properties, it shouldn't be showing on the responsive player, either.  I was able to successfully remove it form my course when viewed on mobile.

Have you chosen to include the player navigation (previous and next as well as swipe)?  Can you check your slide properties as well to see if your custom player setup is being used?  We can have a look at your .story file, too, if that would be helpful!

Bridgitte L


I have a question about the player features specifically for tablet devices. I have the sidebar set to "On Left" and I do see my menu on the left when previewing on a desktop. The moment I preview the course on a tablet or mobile device in landscape, the menu shifts to the right. Any way I can shift that to the left as well? 

Bridgitte L

Hi Alyssa! Thanks for the reply :) I will definitely submit a feature request. Looking forward to seeing some flexibility with a tablet device in the future! 

Another quick question for you. I published a module using SCORM 1.2 in HTML5 format only. I then uploaded it to our LMS and am trying to view the elearning module on a surface tablet. Although it's showing me the HTML5 output, I'm unable to get any of the mobile player settings (swipe to advance to next slide, navigation bar on the right, etc). I know this probably has something to do with the resolution and screen size, but any idea how I can force that mobile player on the Surface (aside from using the Articulate App)! Thanks! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hm, that's interesting. Have you tested the published output on other mobile devices? If so, did the navigation work there?

I would suggest sending your file to our Support Engineers, and they will be able to test it on a Surface tablet to further investigate the issue. If you do decide to open a case, be sure to share your case number with me so I can follow along!

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