Storyline 360 - any possibility for seekbar restriction to prevent zooming through a slide?

Still testing 360 - I would like to use the seekbar as a way to pause the layers and go back within a slide BUT I do not want my students to use it to advance the slide to the end - i.e go through the module without fully listening to everything. Is there a way to prevent the seekbar from being used to do this - i.e. restrict forward access to content not yet viewed but also allow it to be used to review events on the current slide? Thank you

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Robin Wooten

Thanks Wendy - I saw that but as I understand it you can only choose to enable the seekbar or not. I would like to enable it to go back to previous levels but not to allow it to advance past the current point. I don't see that as a choice int he player controls so I am assuming it is not possible unless there is a work-around for that.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robin,

You are correct in that there are only 2 options for the seekbar: learners can use it to scrub back and forth along the timeline or it is read-only (no scrubbing back and forth). Please know that if this is a feature that would make your life easier, we want to hear about it!  Thanks for reaching out.

Robin Wooten

Thanks - i submitted the request. It would be super helpful for my learners to replay the last few seconds they missed or didn't understand or re-see the cool animation or video part they liked. I find they rarely take the trouble to replay the slide - they just go on but I think they would really take advantage of the ease of a seekbar. Plus they don't really need to replay the whole thing - just the last few seconds - added plus would love to give them another measure under their control.

Katie Riggio

Hello, folks. I'm so excited to let you know that update 21 for Storyline 360 is here!

What's inside? Please welcome the Conditional Seekbar in the Modern Player! You can use this new feature to prevent learners from skipping ahead until they've completed a slide. The seekbar is locked the first time learners view the slide. After that, they can drag the seekbar back and forth.

Plus many more goodies; check out all the new features and fixes here! 🎁

Here's how to update Storyline 360 to see everything the latest release has to offer. Be sure to let us know what you think!