Storyline 360 auto saving a subversion while in it.

When I am working on a course in storyline 360, it seems to save a subversion. For instance, if I have a file called Training_ver1, storyline is saving it as Training_ver1.1 or Training ver.11 and I have to save it as another version to save my changes. 

Is anyone else having this issue? If so, how do I make it stop?

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Sarah. Sorry you're running into that – I'd love to help!

There isn't an auto-save option available at this time, but there is an auto-recovery one. With auto-recovery, you'll return to an earlier version of the course if Storyline crashes, but it won't consistently save and have that copy accessible if Storyline closes by accident. You can configure that setting here!

I also did some testing where I'm having some trouble recreating the subversion saving behavior in a new file. I went to the File tab and chose Save As, and then Save after making edits to the slide where the original file name remains. Does this short video recording capture the steps you took? 

Let me know, and we'll look into our next steps from there!