Storyline 360 course delivered in Workday Learning LMS: functionality issue when multiple users take the course at the same time.

Jun 10, 2021


Does anyone use Workday Learning as their LMS to deliver eLearning content? If so, have you ran into any functionality issues with Storyline courses where multiple users (between 6-8) engage with course at the same time?

Background: Our company recently moved over to Workday Learning as our LMS. We have been getting several complaints of our Storyline 360 courses not functioning properly when multiple associates access the course at the same time. 

Issues include:

  • slides are glitchy
  • slides will not move forward
  • slides repeat themselves
  • course does not start, just spins
  • slides will spin

When one person is in the course it functions properly with no issues. Users are using the appropriate browser. They are home based logged into our company's internet.  Which leads me to believe this is an internet bandwidth  or LMS  issue vs. Storyline. We did not have this issue in our previous LMS and since COVID the company has increased it's internet capabilities.  I have sent a request for my Workday Learning admin team to inquire with their Workday support team. 

I thought I would post here, in case any other developers have encountered and was able to solve this issue in a manner that still allowed for multiple viewers at the same time. 

Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated!

Candice L

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