Storyline 360 features not working on Surface Pro tablet

May 22, 2019

To my understanding Storyline does not run the tablet features on a Surface Pro because of the operating system it has. Meaning it will not swipe or zoom like a tablet. I have requested this fix for future updates.


Unfortunately, my course is not working the same as my laptop either. Here are the issues I have found on my Surface Pro that work perfect on my laptop:


1. Using markers, it seems like some markers will open up when you 'touch' them. I have about 5 markers on a page (all made the same way) and only have will open up, some won't open up at all and then some will only open then close instantly.


2. The "Zoom Picture" does not work on the surface tablet. When I 'touch' the image that has the "Zoom Picture" feature, nothing happens.  


So far, that is what I found. If anyone has any suggestions or more insight into my post please respond.


NOTE: the two features listed above work perfect when I have the keyboard attached to the tablet but not when I am using the touch screen.

UPDATE: making the image a button to view layer and hyperlinking text to a layer works perfect on the Surface Pro. It looks like I will need to go that route when building this course.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Tracy! Thanks very much for sharing your feature requests with us – It's the best way to let us know what works best for you when using Articulate 360 tools.

You're on point. Touchscreen gestures are supported only on mobile devices like phones and tablets. I have seen some basic gestures that work, such as tapping for clicking, but we can't guarantee that all gestures will work on a desktop operating system at this time.

Thank you for sharing your updated workarounds. I'm sure that will help others who plan to deploy their content for use on Surface Pro machines and similar touchscreen devices.

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