Storyline 360 Formatting

Oct 02, 2020

Hi. We keep having issues with formatting. One issue is opening a current training in SL that was already formatted, save it as a different name and it messes up the formatting on both the new version and the original version. Another issue is uploading a PPT file into SL the formatting is always all over the place and we have to go through the whole process of reformatting it. 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Lora,

You may want to review these tips for importing PowerPoint into Storyline 360 if you're experiencing some formatting issues:

In particular, the Presentation Size feature provides a helpful tip,

For the best results, change your slide size in Storyline to match your PowerPoint slide size before importing content.

For the existing Storyline course, are you having issues with formatting when upgrading from one version of Storyline to the next?

If you'd like our help taking a closer look, feel free to share your file using the link below, and one of our support engineers can lend a hand!

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