Storyline 360 in Moodle App

Hi there!

I have a Stoyline file that I want to use in a Moodle environment. Everything works fine in Moodle but somehow use in the Moodle App gives problems. When starting up the SCORM package in the Moodle App a white screen is shown, with 'index_lms' in the title. You can see that the App downloads and unzips the package.

Can someone help me?

Kind regards, Yvonne

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Ali Goulet

Hey Yvonne!

Sorry this is causing you some headaches, thanks for letting us know here.

Viewing Articulate content through a third party app is outside of our support, so that may be why you're running into these hiccups. Take a peek at our supported browsers and mobile apps for viewing published courses for Storyline 360 over here

That being said, I know we have some really tech-savvy folks that push the boundaries of our software quite frequently in this community. Perhaps someone who's been able to run Storyline 360 courses successfully in the Moodle app can chime in with some additional insight here. ☺️