Storyline 360 latest updates issues: Video cannot be played with video controls (below video) turned on

Feb 13, 2020

Hi there,

There are issues with videos not playing with 'Show Video Controls (Below video)' turned on. It keeps showing the spinning icon. Audio from video plays but video does not appear - just white on screen. This happens ever since I updated Storyline 360 (Jan 2020 updates).  Can someone please help?



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Sherali Jiwani


All training looks good in LMS only one issue we have

Under Curriculum have 12 modules and should be showing CURRICULUM PROGRESS

Is not changing staying with 0%


Thank you very much! With kindest regards,
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sherali,

Thanks for the update.

I'm curious if you're seeing the same issue when testing in SCORM Cloud or are you only seeing an issue in your LMS?

If you're able to replicate or need a hand with testing, please share your .story file with our team directly here.

It also looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

Carolina Díaz

Hello Leslie,

I´m working with the 3.42 version of Storyline, my problem is that the seek bar or video controls are not showing when playing the preview or publish the course in Review 360.  The option to show the video controls is marked, I am sending you my .story asking you please to take a look and tell me what could be wrong. I´d appreciate your help. (Carolina from Guatemala)

Ren Gomez

Hi Carolina,

Happy to help! It looks like your video controls are outside the Story Size of the course. When you run a course, you will only see the elements that are inside the story size.

You can adjust this by going to the Design tab and selecting Story Size.

You can also resize your videos to include the video controls within the slide if you don't want to adjust the story size.

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