Storyline 360: Layers not showing in iPad or Mobile View

Oct 02, 2018

I have a few interactive slides with buttons that point to a layer. All buttons have "show layer -- when user clicks---" and "hide layer--- when user clicks ---" triggers. These work fine when using a mouse to point and click, but the layers do not launch when you select the buttons using your finger on a touch screen. The "select" state changes like its supposed to, but for some reason the layer does not launch. I am not having this issue with other buttons like Home, previous, next, or the "submit" and "continue" buttons on the quiz/knowledge check questions. Unfortunately I cannot post an example at the moment. Anyone have any idea what the issue might be?

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Katie Riggio

Thanks for joining the Articulate family and sharing what you're seeing, Trish!

Smart move to also open a case! I see that my teammate, Angelo, is ready to dive in and asked for the .story file to see if we can nail down the root. Here's the link to share the project privately with him

I'll follow the case along to share updates as it progresses. We’ll help you get through this oddity!

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