Stopping video when revisiting layer

Jan 04, 2018


I 've serious issue and don't really know why this is happening. I have videos on separate layers, buttons shows layers with videos (they are set to play automaticly). I also have layer with markers on the very top. Everything is working great for the first time, when user chooses video, it playes automaticly and markers are shown (they need to be on the separate layer to show if it was visited). Issue is when user clicks it again, video stops and layer is bring to the top, markers are not visible. 

I tried with layer options when revisiting, nothing works... Could you please help me?


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Adam Takitam

Hmm, I don't know if I get this right. Your problem seems to be the same as mine. I did this:

- play audio when video complets

- move to antoher layer when audio completes


It's working for the first time, but still not when revisiting. Maybe you have this old project and can share it? Or maybe apply yours solution to SL file I attached?

Many thanks

Walt Hamilton

I don't have time right now to look at this, but here is one thing you can check.

If you don't hide the layer with the video, but just open another layer over it, the next time a trigger shows the first layer, it doesn't start its timeline over. It just moves to the top, but the video has finished and won't restart. From the sounds of your description, you have several layers open at  the same time. Be sure the ones with video are hidden before they are revisited.

Adam Takitam

Ok, so this problem is solved :) this was main issue, now the layer with markers. I have trigger on each layer to open that layer when timeline starts (layer), and sadly on revisiting, layer with markers is behind. Slides are set to "reset to initial state". 


EDIT: solved, I add looped silent audio file and add show layer when audio completes. It needed to be looped, if not, it doesn't worked

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