Video not playing once it has been viewed

Sep 01, 2015

Hi, I'm building a course that has a number of videos that play in sequence on a succession of layers. For example, Layer 1 shows (and its video plays when Layer 1's timeline starts) when the timeline of the base layer starts, Layer 2 shows (and its video plays when Layer 2's timeline starts) when the media on Layer 1 completes and so on.

I have also built the navigation so that it is possible to skip through the layers to enable the user to jump directly to the various points in the video.

The issue I am facing occurs when you allow a video play all the way through. As expected the media completes, closes the layer and opens the next layer, playing its video as intended. When clicking back to the previous layer however, the video on the initial layer doesn't play.

In a nutshell a trigger to play a video when a layer's timeline starts does not work if the video on that layer has already been watched to completion. If I navigate between layers without watching a video all the way to the end everything functions as intended.

All of my layers are set to reset to initial state.

Has anyone else experienced something similar and is there a solution out there? Thanks in advance!

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David Tait

I'm pleased to say that this article has (hopefully) resolved the issue I was having - I really hope I'm not speaking too soon!

Essentially what I have done is when a video finishes it triggers a 0.1 second silent mp3 to play before moving to the next layer. For whatever reason it seems to work in the tests I have performed so far.

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