Storyline 360 - Localisation Problem

Oct 25, 2018

I created a course with storyline 360 in english.
Now I would like to have it translated into german. I exported the XLIFF file, an agency made the translation and I imported it again.

So far so good.

But, I have some text with bold words in it, like:

"I am a sentence and I have a bold word in the middle"

The word "bold" has been made bold with clicking on the "B" button in Storyline.
The problem is that in the XLIFF file, the text has been splitted into somehting like this:

"<g ctype="x-text" id="text_8">I am a sentence and I have a </g>
<g ctype="x-text" id="text_9">bold </g>
<g ctype="x-text" id="text_10">word in the middle</g>"

This is obviously not a nice way to handle for the translation agency. Is there a way to avoid the splitting? Did I do anything wrong while creating the course?

Thanks for the help.

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Tom Heyer

Well, now I tried working with the WORD export. This gave me a new problem. Not to say even worse.

The text size was set at 17 within Storyline. I exported the Word file. Imported it again, with no changes at all. After the import my Text size was changed to 17,5.

This happens quite randomly, some text sizes are increased by 0,5, some are descreased by 0,5, some had no changes.

Any ideas why this is happening?

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