Text style changes when importing xliff

Hi all,

Our team is using Storyline 3 and we have a lot of (short) projects (over 50 modules) that we will have to translate to several languages soon. As we will be working with professional translation companies, it is important that we can work with xliff files.

But when we tested the workflow, we had a problem importing the xliff files. The translation worked fine but all the text styles (font size, color, etc.) changed (to a kind of random style).

In a text editor we compared the exported xliff with the newly created one that we import and they look the same regarding style definitions.

(id="8" ctype="x-<Style FontSize="25.6640625" FontIsBold="False" FontIsItalic="False" FontIsUnderline="False" FontIsStrikeout="False" ForegroundColor="#595959")

So, I really do not understand what’s going wrong.

I’ve also tried the word file export/import and this is working fine: translation and text styles are good. But for our project the word files are not feasible and I would be really grateful if somebody could help me.

Thank you!!

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