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Apr 22, 2018


We translate the notes in our elearning modules created in SL3 to several languages by exporting XLIFF files and importing translated XLIFF files back into SL. We have to use specific product terminology managed in Wordbee, a translation management system. Problem is that upon import, the accent characters are not imported properly and are replaced by other characters causing much work on our side to correct this. I'd like to try the SL translation word template by using a combination of machine translation and our terminology spreadsheet. Does anyone have experience with the template? Is it easily incorporated back into SL with accent characters? Any recommendations are welcome in particular if you work with terminology files :)

Thank you!

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William Hirsch

Hi Tali,

Just last week I translated using the Word template and had accented characters display without issue.  There are a few things to keep in mind though.

First, ensure that the word file is never saved as a docx (even if later re-saved as a doc) - it must be a doc file.

Second, be sure the font(s) you're using in your story support the necessary characters, as some fonts do not have extended character sets, while others do.  This is true regardless of whether you're using an XLIFF or doc, and is a common complication when translating digital assets.

In the attached files you'll see the EN slide (origin language), a screenshot of the doc translation template with the French copy inserted, and the FR slide (including various accented characters).


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