Storyline 360: Multiple Choice Question Quiz

Mar 01, 2021


While working with Storyline 360 I have added a multiple choice quiz  from the content library within articulate. I have five different choices for each question. However after one incorrect option is given by the user  and a second attempt is made, the message "Invalid answer: You must complete the question before submitting" appears and the submit button then disappears. 

I just need every incorrect answer to have the "try again feedback" and then bring you back again to the question...and obviously only allow progress to the next question on the correct answer....but that error keeps happening on every second attempt at each question. Any ideas welcomed :-) 

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Ronan!

I'm happy to help! The Invalid Answer pop-up should appear when an answer hasn't been selected. The Try Again layer will appear if you've set the question to more than one attempt. How many attempts have you offered the learner for the multiple-choice question?

If it's more than one, would you mind if I looked at the project to see why the Invalid Answer pop-up appears? You can either attach it to this discussion or upload it to me directly.