Storyline 360 not saving after Windows Update

Jul 15, 2020

Hi there! I am updated with 360, but was forced to do a Windows 10 1909 update today by my company. Now, Storyline is not saving my files. It either stalls out on saving, or stalls on the restart of Storyline. I've tried saving as a new file name, but that doesn't always work (and super-cumbersome). Is anyone else experiencing this? Forced updates are the worst!

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Paris Granville

I am also experiencing this. Save is kind of a basic need with a program like Storyline.

Storyline says that it can't save because the file is open by another user, but it isn't. I'm the only user on the machine. But is seems like it is saving - sort of. But I'm constantly have to save a copy - creating mounds of Files. - What gives?

I am attaching a series of screenshots of what happens.
#1 I click to save a work in progress. But it says that I can't because it is being used by another process (Dropbox - maybe)
#2 I click overwrite, but It can't do that.
#3 So create a completely new file name that doesn't exist as you can see.
#4 But it now claims that file exists. How can it pre-exist?
Now I'm caught in an infinite loop.

Stefano Craba

Hi, I had a similar issues at some point and I could solve it by pausing dropbox synch. (I was working on my machine but saving the files in dropbox folder so to back them up as I was going)

actually at the moment I'm not backing on dropbox at all, using onedrive instead and I haven't experienced this problem anymore

Tara Stratton

Mine finally started working, but it is saving a new file every time I save (adding a number on to the end of the file name automatically). We don't use DropBox or OneDrive, but we use Ivanti File Director to do overnight syncs. Both these replies are good clues as it might have something to do with the syncing application used?

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