Storyline 360 on a MAC


I am trying to work remotely and I need to record narration in Storyline 360.

Only problem is, I have a Mac at home and it seems that Storyline 360 is not compatible with Macs.  You need to purchase and install windows 10 on your Mac.  

WHAT?  and it costs an annual membership on top of this.

Is there a way to make storyline 360 compatible with a Mac?

Any help would be plan B for recording...should be a bit long. Feasible but long process.

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Marie-Pierre!  Unfortunately there is not a native Mac version of Storyline so you would need to run Storyline in a virtual Windows environment using something like Parallels, VMWare Fusion, or BootCamp.  That said, if you have another program you'd like to use to record your audio, you can of course import your audio content into Storyline following these quick steps