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Hi guys,

I have a problem with my quiz and I cannot figure it out. I set up a draw with 5 random questions from a 15 question pool. The passing score is set to 80%. Now everytime I start the quiz and give the correct answer on the first question I pass the quiz immediately with 100% score. So I guess the percentage is given based on the questions answered so far, not the total 5 questions. Can anyone tell me which setting I am missing here? How can I set up the draw that the learner has to finish 5 questions before the results slide shows?

Thanks in advance!


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Pa Fritzsche!

I'm happy to help! There are a few things that might be getting in the way. First, do you have a trigger on the first slide to jump to the Results Slide? If so, you can remove that trigger as the learner will automatically jump to the Results Slide after the questions are answered. Secondly, do you have the Question Bank settings to display 5 questions? You'll want to check the setting by double-clicking on the Question Bank slide in Story View. Make sure the Include drop-down includes 5 questions.

If either of these suggestions still doesn't do the trick, I'm happy to take a look at your project. You can either attach it to this public discussion or upload it privately in a support case.