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Jun 12, 2017

I have encountered an issue with Storyline when I insert an icon and change the size, it adds a zero to the end of the number that you’ve entered.

When this happens, if the icon is “too big” whatever that is for that particular icon, it crashes Storyline and puts the file into an unusable state.

Thankfully, I have been saving my Storyline work every day during development and just update the date at the end of the file name.  So if the issue occurs, I can at least get back to the end of the last day.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lynn,

Where are you entering the number? In the icon? I'd love to help figure out what's happening.

Could you share a bit more info:

  • Is it an icon from content library? 
  • Where is the number being inserted? 
  • How are you determining the icon is "too big"? 
  • Are you working with local project files (i.e. on your C drive/desktop) vs. a network/shared drive?

If you've got a screenshot to share that would help too! 

Lynn Guida

It is an icon from the content library.
It has happened quite a few times - the latest one I was searching for the term "Frequency"
And selected the one that looks like six vertical bars of varying heights
The number is being inserted in the Drawing Tools FORMAT menu
Height is blank by default - Width is 3 px
Enter 20 in Height - as soon as you enter 2 the zero is added to the end. If I didn't happen to notice this an set it to 200, an Articulate Storyline Error Report dialog box appears and says...
"We're sorry, something went wrong with Articulate Storyline and it might close.
You can help us fix this bug by sending us information on what went wrong. Be as detailed as possible - everything helps!
What were you doing before this occurred? Does this happen regularly?"

I have filled out this box a few times and it is still happening. I am on the latest release of Storyline360.

After I filled out the report, the screen is white with a red x and red outline.
At times, if I close the storyline file, open it back up again (not saving any changes) the red X is there and the storyline file is now corrupted and cannot be reused.
I recreated my file and now save it everyday with a new file name so I will only lose 1 days work at the most.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Lynn for sharing those steps - I'm going to give it a test myself and then can report to my team as a possible software bug. 

The error message you're seeing and subsequent report you filled out go to our engineers and is really helpful for their debugging process. It's not a method that we use to communicate back to you with next steps - sorry if that was confusing! Our Support Engineers are always at the ready 24/7 here for Support cases. 

It does sound like an element of corruption is occurring. So while I test out your steps to reproduce it, can you check that you're editing and working on local project files and look at going through a repair of Storyline? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lynn,

Just an update here - I couldn't get Storyline to crash by changing the height and width, but I did see what you noted about the height and width attributes so I'll share that with the team. 

Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and sorry that it's slowing you down. I'll keep you posted here once I've got some more information to share. 

In the meantime you can change the overall size by dragging the corners of the image. It's a set of grouped items that you can see, so you could also adjust the height of any of those individually. 

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