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Wendy Farmer

Hi Anna

Not sure I'm following -

do you mean your quiz questions are interspersed in between your content or the quiz is at the end and when they answer Q1 if it's incorrect you want them to review content before they go to Q2?

Perhaps you can share your .story file and give us a few more details.

Anna Alog

Hi Wendy,

The quiz is at the end of a scene. Before the user is able to move onto the next scene, I want them to review the results of the quiz, especially if they fail the quiz. Reviewing the results will tell them which ones they answered correct/incorrect. If they pass the quiz, I do not need them to review the results. I have a "review results" button on the failure slide, but what trigger do I need to add?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anna,

It looks like you're review is working correctly - and upon the review they'll be returned back to your results slide. You could look at disabling the next button on that slide alone - and then set a custom button to jump to the next slide after they've gone through the review. Would that type of set up work for you?