Storyline 360 SCORM Files Won't Load in Certain Browsers


We've published some courses that need to go live soon but will not load in certain browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and IE) from our LMS even though they work fine in the SCORM cloud. I've read all the forum posts about this being fixed in an Update to SL3 and 360. (We're using 360.) But we're still having the problem (keeps spinning indefinitely) in certain browsers. (It may have to do with Flash being disabled in certain browsers. But we're publishing for Flash and HTML5 so it shouldn't matter.)

Can you take a look at our files right away? (Where can I send them confidentially?)




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Monarch Media

Here is more info from the LMS vendor:

If Flash player is disabled on the browser, then it just gets stuck at the loading page with the spinning icon indefinitely. If I re-enable Flash, it works properly. It seems that the same files are resulting in the 404. Please see attached.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nikki,

I'm sorry we missed your post last week, but I saw you reached out to our Support team which is the best method for immediate help and to share your file privately! 

I will follow along in your case with Cleo so that I can update this discussion once he's been able to narrow down what you're running into.