Storyline 360 showing hidden cued images

Apr 24, 2017

I have a project where there are two brands featured. Images for both brands exist on each slide, with the second brand's default state set to hidden. I show those hidden images when the user selects a button at the start of the course changing a variable to true. This works great when there is one image, at the beginning of each slide. However I am encountering that slides where multiple cued images exist, they either show up at the very beginning of the slide (timeline starts - slide) or they do not show up at all (timeline starts - image layer). 

Am I missing something? Is there a way to get hidden images to appear, and fade in at their cue point when a variable calls for it? 

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Ryan Davenport

I can't really share my file since it's client confidential material. 

I just tried again with a new project and it still did not work. Just to double check we're on the same page, I am working in 360 and not 2. The images are cued seconds apart down the timeline. 

Did you change the state of the hidden image at the start of the timeline, with the condition variable ==true? Or maybe another method I'm not thinking of? 

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