Storyline 360 spellcheck

May 10, 2017

Hello - I've noticed this across multiple projects, but spellcheck does not appear to be functioning in Storyline 360. I double-checked that my spelling options are turned on, but I don't see the red line under misspelled words and have to run spellcheck manually. Is anyone else having this challenge? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Beth,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing in your project file.

You mention that you're seeing this with an input box and I'm curious if that is specifically a Text Entry field?

We have an open issue that we are tracking specific to this issue and I'd be happy to link this conversation as we continue to investigate. We do not have a defined workaround at this time.

Katie Riggio

Hi Nicole!

Which version of Storyline are you using?

I ask because Storyline 360 Update 45 holds a fix for when spell-check lines on one layer were visible on other layers when they should've been hidden. 

To find the update you're on, click the Help tab and then About Storyline. If it's an earlier version, here's how to update Storyline to the latest one.

If it's not working right on your side on this update, we'd love to explore further!

Lauren Connelly

Hello Samantha!

There were two bugs reported in this discussion. The bug where the red line for the spelling error in a Text Entry box on the base layer is showing on the slide layer was fixed in Storyline 360 (Build 3.45.23393.0). The second bug is that text entry fields aren't included with the Hide Spelling Errors setting, and that hasn't been fixed yet. 

Which one are you experiencing?