Storyline 360 Text to Speech Preview BEFORE inserting it

Aug 29, 2018


Is it possible to preview Text to Speech, in Storyline 360, BEFORE inserting it into the slide?  If not, can this function be created?  This would allow us to listen to its fluidity before inserting it into the slide.  Presently we have to insert it, then listen to it in the slide, delete it if you're not satisfied and keep trying with the same process until the words are pronounced properly and commas in the right place.

Thank you

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George Swirszcz

Right clicking on the exported audio file and choosing "Text-to-Speech" and then updating it from there, only to have to do it again when the phonetics are not pronounced properly, definitely shortens the process from having to copy and paste from a word document but it would be better to have it read aloud, while inside the "Insert Text-to-Speech" window.  This would be even faster at identifying issues. 

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