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Apr 09, 2020

Hi there,

I'm looking to take a number of Storyline files I have created, that are subsequently being embedded within Rise courses, and have them translated into several languages.

I've noticed that with Rise you need to duplicate the course before generating the XLIFF file, but I cannot see anything for Storyline where the advice is to duplicate the file first.  To save time and effort I would love to be able to generate a single XLIFF for each file and have that translated into several language versions, then simply copy each of the Storyline files, and import the relevant XLIFF - however, I don't want to waste time (and money) getting XLIFFs translated if they will be no use to me down the line.

So, before I proceed to generate XLIFF files for my storyline files, can anyone advise whether or not I need to duplicate the storyline files first and generate separate XLIFFs for each individual instance?

Thank you! :)


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Phil!

Great question! Similar to the process with Rise, you would need to create a copy of the file before importing the XLIFF file.

When the translation is ready, import the Word document or XLIFF file back into Storyline:

  1. Create a copy of your original project file to contain the new language and open it in Storyline.
  2. Go to the File tab on the Storyline ribbon, scroll to Translation, and select Import.
  3. Browse to the Word document or XLIFF file that contains the translated text and click Open.
  4. When you see the congratulations message, click OK.
  5. Review the imported text to be sure it fits properly in your course and make adjustments as necessary. Some languages use longer words and phrases, so you may need to allow more room for the expanded text or reduce the font size.

You can find the entire process listed out here.

Phil Cobley

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for the response to this, I'm really grateful! :)

Just one further clarification on my end - so I do not need to make a copy of the Storyline file first in order to create an XLIFF from the duplicate file?  My understanding now is that, instead, I can generate an XLIFF file from the original, ask for it to be translated, and then when I receive the new XLIFF back I can then duplicate the original Storyline and simply import the XLIFF into it? (if that makes sense?)

So, as an example:

I have storyline file "course1.story" and I was to translate it from English into French and German.  Is it possible for me to:

  1. Generate an XLIFF from course1.story
  2. Duplicate the XLIFF ia copy/paste so that I have two copies
  3. Get one copy translated into French and the other into German
  4. Make two further copies of course1.story
  5. Import each of the already translated XLIFFs into each of the duplicate storyline files

Would this work as a method/process? :)

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