Storyline 360 Triggers wont Edit or let me create a new one

Jan 23, 2018



I've been trying to get a project out the door and have run into a few problems.  Proudly most of them I have solved myself but this is the second one I've needed to reach out for help with.

Attached is the question slide.  I want the music to play across all layers. I have done this before with 3 triggers.  I'm trying to change the 3rd trigger to play media when media ends. Storyline won't let me delete, edit or write a new trigger.


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niomi rosenberg

Thank you so very much.  It is what I'm trying to do but my software is not responding consistently. 

I used the triggers you set up and got 1 question slide to work and then went on to another question slide, used the triggers and it didn't work.

Has anyone else had problems with the consistency in their program?

niomi rosenberg


We went through these articles which are out of date. We have determined that the submit button is corrupt for certain slides.  I am unable to delete the submit button trigger.

This is affecting 5 out of 10 slides.  Do I need to just rebuild these question slides?

I had a different issue with the feedback layers and already rebuilt these slides once. And I solved that issue.

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