Pause and Stop sound don't work...or?

May 27, 2014

Hi somebody!

I'm pretty new in Storyline. here's a question.

I've added three buttons on my slide master for controlling sound, Play, Pause and Stop. On each slide I asume I have to add a hotspot with a trigger for each button that Plays the sound, Stops the same sound and Pauses the same sound.

So on each slide I have a sound (a speaker) that automatically plays when I enter the slide. Then I have these hotspots with triggers.

The triggers look like this:

Hotspot 1, Play media Sound 1, When the user clicks

Hotspot 2, Pause media Sound 1, When the user clicks

Hotspot 3, Stop media Sound 1, When the user clicks

Above only works for Play media, that is if I click the Play button I will have double sound since I already have the sound playing from entering the slide. Pause and Stop don't work.




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Michael Hinze

Hi Henrik, welcome to the community, rather than fiddling around with triggers, it may be easier to put  the audio files on layers and then show these layers as the various hotspots are clicked. This way, the sound from one layer is automatically stopped when another layer is called. Also, the baselayer audio can be paused when a layer is displayed. Here is an example of a slide with audio on the baselayer and audio on various layers. Hope that helps.

Henrik Ax

Hi Michael

Thanks for your reply. However I still don't understand.

Here's what I did:

- I placed the sound in a layer.

- I entered a trigger on the slide that plays the sound when the timeline starts

The comes the tricky part for me. How can I pause the sound when i click on my Pause-button? Which layer shall I display as you mention to get the sound to be paused? I then want to be ale to continue the sound by pressing my play button.

Or is the solution to have one button that switches from Play to Pause when I click on it?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Henrik,

You'll want to set the Pause button to hide the layer when clicked, which would stop the audio from playing. There is a tutorial here that may help walk you through it. 

If you're having difficulty with it, you may want to also share your .story file here (just that one slide) so that we can take a look at your triggers and offer any advice.