Grouping of triggers

Greetings heroes!

So, here's the jam. On one slide I have ten hotspots and then triggers such as Click hotspot 1, show text 1, play audio 1. Click hotspot 2, show text 2, play audio 2. Etc. etc.

There also are nine other triggers on each hotspot.

  • Stop audio 2 when user clicks hotspot 1
  • Stop audio 3 when user clicks hotspot 1
  • Stop audio 4 when user clicks hotspot 1 etc etc

I then copy these triggers and paste them on to each hotspot. Cumbersome, and also makes the triggers panel 500km long (true story. I measured it!). It does work though.

Ideally I would like something along the lines of this:

  • Stop all audio when user clicks hotspot 1 (I guess similar to the Conditions in a trigger where you can keep adding more and more)
  • Play audio 1 when user clicks hotspot 1

Is this possible?

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Michael Bauer

Ah yep, I left that important bit out ... whoops! Normally I would do that, but I can't in this case (menu is on a layer amongst other things). Might be the best thing to do though.

It would be handy though to have a "peform Action X to all of these objects I specify" or something like that.