Storyline 360 updates and republish/scrom packages

Hi all,

The team at Articulate do an amazing job with regular updates and bug fixes.

A recent update corrected a Chrome issue some of our learners were experiencing.

My question is, should I be republishing my eLearning packages after each update is applied to my licence? I'm not sure how the LMS management team would like this!

Alternatively, do I keep an eye on specific update details and only republish if a package requires?

I'm wondering what others in the industry do?

Kind thanks - Nic

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Nicole!

You're right, our development team did amazing work with the new update! 

The short answer is, no you don't need to update each file after installing a new update. However, if you have run into any issues that have been fixed in the newest update then I would republish the files.

With every update, we include all the fixes and features that are in tow. Keep this bookmarked to stay on top of the changes made with each update.