Storyline 360 vs Rise 360

Mar 01, 2019

Dear Users,

i am also new with the Articulate products, but faszinated so far.

I would like to understand the difference in creating an E-Learning with Rise or Storyline. Especially regarding the layout of the learning.

In Rise 360, webbased, the E-Learning will results in a nice learning, where the user can scroll down in his browser. He proceeds through the activities in the course, the scrolls down as kind of progress.

If is would like to do the same learning course in  Storyline 360, i only have the chance to have a layout like "powerpoint", seperate slides with some functionality. Using Sotryline360, i can not create a scrollable course like in Rise.

Is that correct? For which purpose would i use the one or the other?

Thanks for sharing your experience.




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