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Karen M.

Mike Enders said:


Please submit a support case so we can take a look.




Hi Mike,

When did you start working there?

I submitted it.  If someone could call me today, I would really appreciate it.  I can't do anything more with the project; it won't save anymore.  It's just dead.



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for the update! I was able to find the case you mentioned (#00308367) and I see that Sam is working with you. If you can, please let Sam know that you've already updated, as I see that he suggested the same update. I'll follow the progress of the case and update the thread with the resolution for any other community members that experience the same problem.

Thanks again, Kathleen!


Tom Dorsey

i have used a program called ntcore that converts the 32 bit exe to allow it to take advantage of 4 gigs of ram.  i am sure this is in no way support by articulate by it has worked amazing.  before the program always crashed when it hit 900 mb ram.  i have had it hit as high as 1.8 gigs usage without crashing (yet).

keep in mind, this will only work if you have x64 windows.


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