Storyline Accordian Template - Lock navigation tips

Hello - I often use the storyline accordion template and have never been asked to lock it down until now. I figured this would be simple because I often use triggered states to lock down layered slides I create on my own. The business owner simply wants the user to view all 4 tabs before the next button will let the user move on to the next slide. I have tried 4 different things and none of them have been successful. 

I am better with states than variables so first I set the next button to only work after the tabs you actually click on (4) are in a state of "Down" (not on every version of that tab as it moves from layer to layer and the user will not be clicking on all 4 tabs on each layer unless revisiting). Next I tried the same thing but with tabs in the state of "Open" on each layer.  States for this interaction are Normal, Hover, Down and Open. I then went to variables with a value and a then when that did not work, I tried a true/false variable. I admit I am not real good with variables but I copied it from another (different non storyline template) accordion interaction that worked.

Has anyone successfully locked the navigation of the storyline accordion template preventing a user from moving on to the next slide until they have viewed all tabs in the interaction? Please share. Thanks. :)   

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Ren Gomez

Hi Lynda,

Happy to help! I jumped into your file and realized you're correct; there's nothing wrong with the triggers. But I did notice that every layer was set to 1.5 seconds on the timeline except for Tab 04. That layer was set to 10 seconds.

Once I adjusted that layer to 1.5 seconds like all the rest, the accordion interaction worked as expected!