Visited state not registering and random white lines show up between accordion tabs

Dec 11, 2023


I have 2 problems with this file.

1.  I have next button disabled at start of slide. 

I have an accordion I modified from a template David put up for us in one of the tutorial videos.  It's his accordion I'm using.   Everything is working so now moved onto locking it down so users can't advance until they've visited all layers.

This I've done many times before.  Set next button to enable if Tabs 1 - 6 are all visited.  Then the next button becomes enabled and the user can advance.

I added visited states to all 6 tabs on my base layer.  Then set up my conditional if visited trigger as normal but it's not working :-(

Next I tried adding the visited state to the tab the user visited meaning, user clicks on tab 1 on layer 1 and tab 2 on layer 2 etc.  It's not logical but I tried it.  Also not working.

Don't know why

2.  On some layers I have a white line running down the center vertically between tab 3 and tab 4 on layer 1.  layer 2 and 3 are fine.  then layer 4 has a line between tabs 1 and 2 and layer 6 seems fine.

I may have gotten my exact layers and tabs mixed up but you get the idea.  It's obvious when you see it just by clicking around.

I have no line bordering my tabs on any layer but still get mystery white line :-(

Don't know why

Feel free to make any design recommendations since this my first accordion  


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Ron Price

As far as your visited states are concerned.  Once you select the first column and reveal a layer, you are no longer selecting the buttons on the base slide.  You are selecting replicas of those columns which do not have visited states.  So your trigger condition is evaluating state changes on the base slide, but only one of those items is ever changing to "visited".

You could consider, changing the state of the base layer item to visited when the corresponding items on the layers are selected, or using Variables for this control may be a better option.

Bill Gates

Hi Ron, thanks for the reply.

On my base layer my 6 columns (or tabs) all have visited states.

Once I click on one, i active it's layer and am no longer on the base layer.

Do i then need to create visited states for my 6 columns for each layer?  I tried adding a visited state to the selected column tab only and added that as a visited state for each layer selected.  That didn't work either.

OK I can understand create a trigger that changes the state of the base layer item to visited when the corresponding items on the layers are selected (I think I've already tried this)  i think

what variable would i create to accomplish this?  A true false variable to check if visited then unlock the player next button?

Not sure how to achieve this

Thanks for the assistance

Bill Gates

While waiting for a response for visited states and variables I moved onto picking out images for each of my 6 accordion bars/tabs

I added a image to the base layer and previewed and saw the image.

I also added a video to the base layer in place of the image and can see that working fine.

If i remove visibility on the video on the base layer, you can't see the image i started with before adding the video even if it's at the top of the timeline i can't see the image.  where did it go?

for the 2nd layer Tab 01 i have an image picked out and is visible on the layer preview.  So is the text sitting on top of the image.  i added a shape and made it semi transparent so the image is muted and it's easier to read the text.  I can't see this rectangle i named white mask show up in preview.  All i see is the photo and the body text.  no white rectangle.  I even tried turning off the transparency and made it solid white so you can't see the image at all and you still can't see the white mask rectangle at all.  it's solid white and covers the image but in preview all i see is the image with text on top.  no mask triangle shows up.

so I can't see an image i'm no longer using on the base layer and can't see the white mask i put to cover the image at all and both are present in the timeline.  If I play the timeline from the editor interface I can see the white mask cover come in fine as the player moves across the timeline.  I however don't see this at all in preview the slide and don't know why.

now my navigation to other tabs is broken.  I'm not sure how long they should be on the timeline.  Originally it was set to 1 second timeline per layer but now that i've modified layer tab 01 the shortest time i can make it is 5 seconds.  Also I noticed the player slide bar stop 20% of the way through the slide it just stops and i don't know why.

Why after I click on unwanted behavior (Tab 01) I see Tab layer 01 fine.  then click on the next bar over which is "Of a Sexual Nature" and I then see the white mask I put over the image on Tab 01 show up, then after 2 seconds I'm on layer 2 (tab 02) and how did I get there?

All I've done is drop a video on the base layer and picked out some images for each layer/tabs and dropped an image in the center of the layer.  Not sure how i'm going to use the images side by side with text.  overlay.  have not decided yet 

Adding just images and a video on the base layer has broken the navigation.  I don't know why :-(

See attached and please advise 

Thanks again

Ron Price

Hey Bill

With a brief look, there seem to be a lot of things going on here that could be conflicting.

Here are a couple of things I noticed so far:

First, I think the missing pic could be this one that has been moved off of the canvas.

Second - the white mask on Layer 1 fully animates in at 1.25 seconds, however, you have a pause timeline trigger at .75 seconds

I will take another look, soon

But those are a few initial findings.


Bill Gates

Hi Ron,

So I got a chance to circle back here.  Thanks for the reply.  I noticed my image was off the slide.  Thanks for pointing that out.  Also, I corrected my animation times.

I went through and renamed everything properly.  tab 01 and layer named tab 01 etc was confusing me.

So those problems are solved! Now I have a new one.

When I go from clicking on Unwanted Behavior tab to of sexual nature you can see on the seek bar, the layer does not pause like the others and continues on for 5 seconds while everything else is 1 second.

I tried to shorted the timeline to 1 second but it's stuck at 5.

I think this is my problem.  Why can't i shrink this layer's timeline down to 1 second like the others?