Storyline and audio

Hey guys, 

We have been working on a project recently that requires us to add a back button to take the learner previous "points" of a slide. In order for us to do this, we created each "point" on the slide as separate layers, when they click our back button, it will take you back to the layer with the previous point.

It all works wonderfully, well, mostly. This is where I need to ask, how exactly does Storyline handle audio under the hood?

When the layer is shown again, the audio does not play from the correct point again, even though the timeline has supposedly restarted. The animations all restart, but the beginning of the audio will get cut off, almost always (Only once you go back, not on the initial play through). Another problem on top of this is if you have more than one audio clip on a timeline, when going "back" to a layer, it will only play the first clip, and none of the clips after the first one will play.

This can be recreated from scratch very easily, and is on all our Storyline files for the project.

All the settings are as far as I can take them, going back to a slide resets it to its initial state etc. We tried adding triggers for each audio clip at certain points of the timeline, this fails too. Is there any extra layer of control for audio that I am missing?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael,

It sounds like you've got everything set up correctly, and there's nothing more you would need to do to restart the audio from the beginning of the clip.

Could you take a look at the sample file I've attached here? Let me know if you're using a similar set up and if you see the same problem happening in that file. Thanks!