Storyline and Augmented Reality (AR)

Feb 22, 2022


I want to create a game that will start by getting the input from camera (AR code). Do you know if this is possible? Has anyone tried it? If this cannot be done with storyline (I suspect it cannot), I wonder if there is a plugin I could use for this.

Many thanks in advance.



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Wayne Chiasson

Wow.. that totally sucks.. 

Adobe Captivate 11+ can do it no problem. Its built right into it. Uses a wizard type interface, you can add interactive video, quizzes, or any other type of content you want into the VR environment and its really easy to do. Ive done it in CP 11

The developers at Articulate better jump on this or start losing market share to Adobe.

Ahmed Hanfy

You can accomplish this by creating an augmented reality experience using one of the WebXR apps. I tried Playcanvas 3d app and got impressive results from it, then exported the experience as webGL from the WebXR app and inserted it into the storyline as a web object. The following video shows my experience