Storyline and Enagage

Apr 16, 2013

I have a flipbook interaction on a slide within Storyline and I have used buttons as navigaiton instead of the player navigation.

Does anyone know how I can have a state (or a variable) which will change the navigation button from "hidden" to "normal" when the engage interaction has been viweed completely?

I know there is an option for the player next button but I want to stay using my own navigation buttons.


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Louise:

I apologize if I got this wrong, but it seems that  you want to change the state of a button once the learner has read or clicked through content. If I'm right, you can do this using a true/false variable.

On the page the button is on insert a t/f variable and set initial value to false. Then on that same page insert a trigger that changes the state of the button to (whatever state you want it to go to) IF (open up the conditions panel) the variable is = true.

Then, at the end of the engage interaction insert a trigger than adjusts the variable to true when the learner clicks whatever it is they click to get back to the button whose state you want to change.

Phil Mayor did a quick screenr on this may help.

Let me know how it works.

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