Storyline and Moodle Review Mode

Oct 09, 2017

Hello there,

I have a Storyline 360 course, and the player is set to Always Resume. The course is made up of a few learning sections, followed at the end by a final assessment quiz. The learner should be free to revisit the course until they pass the quiz, and their completion status for the sections should persist between visits. The completion status stuff all works fine over multiple sessions/visits. However, as soon as the learner hits the Results slide for the quiz the first time, Moodle automatically puts the course into Review mode when the user exits and then enters the Storyline course again - and this is when they haven't achieved the pass mark.

I'd be grateful for any help on this.



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Ewan McGhee

Hello Dan,

Thanks for responding - this won't work though, I had already tried it, it starts a completely new attempt, meaning the user has to start from scratch and work their way through all the learning again. I need them to be able to revisit the existing attempt, retaining all their progress within the attempt (section completions etc) until they pass it.

Dan Marsden

Something will be setting the users attempt status (cmi.core.lesson_status) value to 'completed', 'passed' or 'failed' - according to the SCORM 1.2 spec a re-entry should be in "review" mode. You need to look at why your scorm package is setting any of those values when the user has not "completed" the package.
If it is being set as "failed" - it may be that you have a mastery score set within your SCORM package - you might want to disable the "mastery score overrides status" setting:

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I have had the same trouble with Moodle LMS. This works for me.

In your published output, go to the folder: LMS and open the file: Configuration.js

You can do this in Notepad or Dreamweaver or whatever else you are using.

Then I look for these variables and assign the following values:




If you are wondering what these do, there are comments in the JavaScript.

Overwrite the Configuration.js file in your original output with this updated .js Keep the filename the same.

When adding to Moodle, remember that LMS settings can still override SCORM settings. So turn off "Force new attempt" as the SCORM is handling this now.

Hope this helps.


Relationships Australia South Australia

No worries.

I should point out that on your Moodle SCORM package compatibility settings, if you have Force completed = yes, it can still revert to review mode, but technically it should still update grade and completion status due to var REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = false;

i.e. it is only 'Review Mode' in a rather misleading cosmetic sense and will still push grade/update completion status.

So you could get by with just doing: var REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = false; 
But I change the other two to avoid "issues" - such as a student re-entering a passed/completed attempt, retrying a quiz and failing.

Updating values for the three variables I suggested ensures a user resumes the current attempt and that their score will only update if improved.

For Moodle SCORM settings, I normally do:

- Force new attempt = *no*

- Compatibility settings =  'no' (all of them)

*For new attempts: Articulate Player settings can prompt user if desired, or you can 'display attempt status' in Moodle and user can start a new attempt that way.*

Don Montrey

Hello! I tried this solution, editing in Notepad on a PC.

However when I go to launch the SCORM package I get a blank window, nothing loads. When I revert back to the original file, it works fine. 

I tried it in SCORM Cloud and it works fine; which leads me to believe it's a moodle issues.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any fixes or things I should look out for?