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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the Community, Mark!

How is your content currently set up? Is it private, or public content? 

If it's private, your learners would need to sign in in order to take the course. When they do so, you'll be able to see who access the course, when they accessed it, and how they scored.

You could also use a guestbook, if you don't want to make the content private. 

  • Public means that anyone with the link to your course, quiz, or Engage interaction can access it. You just need to provide the link to your users or publish it on a website, and your users can click the link to see your content without having to log in.
  • Private means that only the people or groups you choose can access your content. When they log in, they’ll need to enter their email and password before the content displays. This is great for situations when your content is proprietary or confidential. (How to give users access to your content)

For more information check out the following tutorial:

Controlling Who Sees Your Content

And here's information on the guestbook:

Setting Up and Using a Guestbook

Using a guestbook with multiple users on the same computer

Collect viewer information using the Guestbook feature of Articulate Online

You may also want to check out the tutorials for Articulate Online. There's a lot of information for all of the features and this may serve as a helpful resource:

Articulate Online - Tutorials

Let me know if you have any questions!



Thanks Christine, I have made the content private and that works fine with a log in

The problem I have now is as follows when testing off the same computer:

      - Launch content via launch button on webpage

      - Password required and then content launches - perfect... and name etc reportable  from articulate online - perfect

      - Exit button in content closes content window and original launch web page remains - all good

      - Next user clicks launch button

      - Content launches with no requirement for name and password - not good, can't track learner

So not sure how to fix this as computers will be in training room with multiple users throughout the day and we would want to just leave the launch page open.

I look forward to your response.



Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Mark!

It sounds like the same login for the initial user is remaining active. So, when the next user clicks on the launch button, it sees it as the same account and doesn't prompt for a password. 

Are you using a browser that's saving login information, by any chance? That would be a good place to start, if so. I would recommend disabling that option, if possible.

Another thing you can do is have the learner close the browser window. Have a shortcut for the browser on the desktop for the next learner to use. You can even rename the shortcut to something that catches their attention, such as "START HERE", etc. and have the browser load the course page at start-up. 

Just some thoughts, though. Since I cannot see exactly what's happening, what browser you're using and how the learners are switching, I'm not entirely sure what the main issue is. Hopefully some of those suggestions will help, though!