Storyline and Prezi

Mar 23, 2016

I am interested in using Prezi within Storyline. I'm not sure what content would suit this well. I still want my course interactive, not a presentation alone. If anyone has examples they would like to share I would love to see something inspirational!

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margaret richards

The thread Leslie pointed to is helpful -- I have a Prezi whose backend I can't access to download any files (victim of institutional memory loss !) so my only option is to embed the online Prezi. That thread points to this video -- it is KIND of working for me. When I publish, the prezi appears with a link to 'Start Prezi' but when I click it nothing happens -- same thing if I have it open in screen or pop-out into a new screen. Thoughts?

Vanessa M

Hi Margaret,

I looked at your presentation. I can't offer any advice on your prezi issue, however I wanted to mention that I liked your project. I did notice that your hyperlinks are blue and on the blue background they don't really show up. Have you considered another colour to give more contrast against the background blue?

margaret richards

I figured it out! The video tutorial is about 4 years old so I suspect that's why the format of the link he creates doesn't work. What did work was just using the crazy long link created in the embed code and using that as the Web Object URL.

Rosie thanks for the note on the design. I used a template shared in downloads so I can't take full credit -- will watch for blue-on-blue links!

Thanks all.

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