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Priscilla Parker

Hello Emily,

We are in the process of vetting two LMS vendors; one is Saba and the other is Cornerstone. They both seem very good and have very similar features. We are trying to find out if either have any major issues with Articulate Storyline as that is what we use for our eLearnings.

Bobbi Bailey


We currently have Cornerstone and have found that publishing in SCORM 2004 does create a few issues for us, but if we publish in SCORM 1.2 we do not experience any content issues.  Ironically, I am at this moment, at a SABA conference in a content session, and same issue seems to prevail in SABA.

If you would like to connect with me via LinkedIn, I would be happy to discuss in more detail with you.

Best Regards,


Bobbi Bailey


Two issues just popped up in this session... It seems like there may be an issue with migrating AICC content into the new SABA cloud, but I think this more related to the SABA clients who were on older versions of SABA... also there were a couple of comments from users saying that they have had issues with YouTube videos, as it is a somewhat tricky process (because of YouTube embedding issues), but once you figure out the appropriate settings, most are saying it works.


Alan Montague, CPLP

Hi Bobbi, Priscilla et al.

I'm wondering if you might expand on the embedded videos issue that Saba has. We are encountering an issue but we are using Brightcove to host our videos. We are reaching out to both Brightcove and Saba but I suspect that I'm approaching the dreaded ‘Vendor Responsibility Gap’ from which no problem has ever returned!

So any help from the community will be greatly appreciated.