Storyline 360 and SABA


We are installing a new Saba LMS and have found an issue with getting the Storyline player to work within the Saba LMS player. The Saba player seems to take up a lot of screen space and shrinks the Storyline player to accommodate it.

Has anyone had to deal with this issue on Saba or another LMS? What did you do to get your courses to work?

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David Goodman

Peter - what is the latest status to your Saba /course load problem? We are now having the same issues with Saba using SL360. Have you found any solutions. I have been through the Forums for the last 5 year's posts, read all of the articles, look into the lms/js files, had the administrator perform the policy changes, etc. Any luck?

David Goodman

To the best of my knowledge, Saba is very unique as an LMS and makes it much harder to load/track SL courses than almost all other vendors. Saba does not have a published criteria or course setting guidelines for course loading. Even though a course plays correctly on ScormCloud, that does not mean it will play in Saba. It is a shame that course developers need to slug through these issues. Once again - kudos to you, Articulate and the Forum participants for the assistance in this journey.

David Goodman

Ashley - quick update. We republished the course using each of the 4 tracking/reporting selections, uploaded the course and had success with two - complete/incomplete and pass/incomplete. No need to reset the any js/html5 files. My suggestion to other Saba users is to do the four tracking publishing at the very beginning of your LMS upload and see which one Saba prefers. Thanks again.

David Goodman

Jeremy - yes it is working but only by using either the - complete/incomplete or pass/incomplete. If Saba is on your short list, give the Saba people two of the same courses using each of the tracking management listed in my first sentence - one on course 1 and the other on course 2. Do not tell them of the differences. Let them show you which/or both were successful.

Mark Shepherd

Hi Peter, David and Jeremy:

Interesting, I had no idea that Storyline 360 caused issues with Saba. 

That said, it's possible the fact that it's a new installation of the LMS might be causing some issues with the project and, by extension, Player sizing.

My recollection and experience of 5.5 & 7.3 of Saba was that the LMS Admins had to come up with an optimal settings size that was generically applied to all courses. 

I will double check, but I believe there were one or two base sizes for Storyline Projects that worked well for us, but they had to be in sync with the Saba Player settings in order for the courses themselves to look and work as expected when loaded and distributed on the LMS.

As to the publishing settings, I wrote a small novel on them a couple of years ago:

Hope this helps,


Ulises Musseb

There's a Saba player template for courses to open in a new window, as others have mentioned. HOWEVER:

  • It's an outside Popup, which sometimes is disabled, and we get a lot, and I mean a lot of complaints from users about "the course not coming up".
  • When they finally enable the course popup window, they have to maximize it (sounds like an easy task but I'm in an organization with over 37,000 employees with an entire spectrum of levels of literacy, and we have many users who don't have the knowledge for completing that one simple task).
  • The Saba interface is not completely intuitive, but it allows for you to create your own customized inline, larger player template, without their redundant additional player, so the popup window issue goes away (if in your case that creates more problems than it solves).
  • Whichever player option you decide to choose, always prepare for when users are not very proficient in managing multiple windows and/or closing windows. I'm surprised that such simple tasks create most-to-all the user interface problems that we experience with users using Saba.
  • The Saba default player template is not very useful in terms of the screen real estate that it occupies.
  • I'd suggest not to set the SL player settings to open the course in a new window. I also suggest to create your own customized Saba player template, and stay away from their default.

Here's the customize player settings that work for us:


I hope this helps.

Alisha O'Hara

I'm having the same issue -- the Saba player itself is HUGE, and then shrinks down my content. I've tried a number of custom players within Saba - including the one above - with no luck so far. Some of them even move my content partially off screen.  I have a number of already created SL360 courses to move over, of varying sizes. Has anyone found a way to figure out how to customize the Saba player to optimally display content?

Elisabeth Mayer-Exner


in april we are rolling out the SABA LMS and right now I am looking out for a good authoring tool. I already know storyline and i think it will be it, but the mentioned problems make me a little bit nervous. 

so my question, does anybody know - is there a possibility to import a self-coded player, so that we dont have to use the standardized ones. On one hand I could walk around theses problems and on the other hand I could walk around the standardizes ones, which do not really cover all of our needs and wishes?