Storyline and Sumtotal Mobile App

Mar 18, 2017

Storyline courses are not marking complete and the resume function does not work in Sumtotal Mobile App. Courses work as expected in the standard application. Help...

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Brek Joos

Hey Yvette,

Have you made any breakthroughs regarding your original post?

We've been using Rise with SumTotal Mobile App for one of our work groups. Rise has worked great for us because it is responsive and adjusts for device differences gracefully.

In iOS, the SumTotal Mobile App displays a 'done' button. Users assume that it saves progress, but SumTotal does not have that expectation.

We've enabled Rise's Exit Course button, and gone to great lengths to remind users to use the Exit Course button to save their progress. This approach has been mostly problem free.

The solutions suggested by SumTotal don't seem to work as suggested.

The new modern Storyline player looks great. We would almost have to add a button and an 'Exit Course' trigger to each slide to compensate for the lack of a close button (in the app) that will save progress.


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