Storyline as a web design tool?

Jun 14, 2012

Morning All

This is a bit silly but I thought I'd try it out...

I was really pleased to see that I could customize the screen size in Storyline as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.  I mean, why does a learning object have to be 800 x 600 and sit on it's own on a page?

To demonstrate the point I thought I would try to create an animated rotating banner for a new project I am working on.  I played around with the size until I found around 880 x 220 worked for my 960px site width (needing to allow for the player chrome - even if it is invisible).

I created a very simple 3 slide presentation on this template, modifying the player to remove every trace of chrome.  I looped the presentation so it is never ending and then published to flash and html5.

The whole thing was then moved to a public Dropbox folder and the story.html file embedded in the site by way of an iframe.

You can see it in action at

The site is a Moodle 2.2+ installation with a label resource used to hold the iframe.

What interests me here is the potential for developing small interactive blocks that can be embedded in course homepages, site homepages etc.  Of course, SCORM is not possible using the iframe/dropbox combination but it would be cool for adding some "bling" to a page...




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Leslie Shapiro

Thanks, Mike!

Ok, so here is the husband is a professional voiceover (very good at elearning narration, btw, if anyone needs some talent)

So he wants to update his current web site, which is pretty simple, just some videos and audio files. I had the idea that maybe I could do this for him.

He understands more of the background coding than I do, so we're thinking we can try it and he will take a look at the code and add tags?  Anyone tried this?

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