Storyline becomes unresponsive

Jun 09, 2014

This happens on both my desktop and laptop...

I have open Articulate Storyline and Microsoft Word.

My Word file is an eLearning storyboard which contents my scripts and text content. I'm in Word and I "copy" the text that I then want to paste into Storyline.

After "copying" the content is Word, I jump to Articulate Storyline which has become unresponsive for maybe 10-25 seconds before allowing me to "paste" the content from Word.

This happens almost every time.

Anyone any ideas why?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior with your Storyline files - and I'd first want to have you check the following:

Next, you mentioned it happened on your laptop and desktop - are you using the same .story file across both? If it's happening with every file, I'd first confirm that your set ups correspond to the minimum system requirements here, and if possible close out any other programs that could be drawing memory away from Storyline. It may also be worth conducting the repair of Storyline to start out with a clean slate.   Also, as a reminder here is how text will be pasted into Storyline depending on where it comes from and how you include it in Storyline. 

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