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Nov 21, 2013

Is there any type of certification in Storyline that is available - similar to getting a certificate in a Microsoft product?

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Lee Millard

Sorry to dig up this old discussion, but I wanted to follow it up with a question and didn't want to start a new thread.
I see that the links you provide are for a training on the products. What I am looking for is a certification in Articulate products; something similar to what Adobe offers for Captivate. Basically, I'm looking for something that can show clients and other professionals that I know what I'm doing with Articulate and it's more than just a line under "Technologies" on my resume.


Mark Shepherd

Hi Ashley:

That's a shame - I hope you guys consider doing this in the future, as I, along with many other developers, would be among the first to gladly sign-up!

(SUGGESTION: Imagine an endorsement/certificate signed by Tom Kuhlmann.  That would be a HUGE deal if Articulate created certification/exam materials worthy of it!)

In the mean-time, I would imagine that most developers, even those certified for Adobe Captivate, often need to provide samples of their work in order to demonstrate they understand basic e-learning principles and other capabilities, such as complexity, programming, and other management-related aspects.

I'm fortunate to be on a contract that allows me to develop this portfolio, but if you are new, it's a good idea to do anything web-related or technical, such as technical writing, SharePoint administration/development, course development, webinars, and so forth.

I built up experience in all of these areas, including Captivate, before finally landing that dream contract developing using Storyline 2, so I'm very happy, and learning a LOT now that it's my job.


Experience is great, but nothing beats real-world e-Learning demands from a client and live samples and feature demos when it comes to showing off what you can do with Storyline!. ;)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark, 

I'm sure a certification from Tom Kuhlmann would go a long way! I'm not sure if Yukon has looked into certificates, but they are our training partner and so you may want to reach out to them directly as well. 

Samples of work, portfolios, etc. are all good things to share, and I bet may mean more than a certificate in a lot of circles. It's also good to share a link to your ELH profile if you're sharing a lot of examples here in the forums or providing assistance to other users. 

Hope to see some of the work you've created in Storyline as a part of future ELH challenges or threads in the Building Better Courses side of things. 

Mark Shepherd

Hi Ashley:

Good ideas, for sure! 

Yukon is based in Toronto, and their e-Learning and Articulate courses look very good.

The next time I'm in the T.O. area, I will definitely make a point of stopping in to see them.

I'm just finishing up work on a major Storyline 2 EL project now, so I will need to take a look at the ELH Challenges soon, hopefully later this week. ;)


Jeremy Negrey

Sorry to reopen an old thread, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with advanced Storyline/Storyline 2 training.

I've already been through the basic courses on; I've looked at the offerings from Yukon and ATD, but they don't look to go into any more depth than the Lynda courses..

I can handle most of the basics, I'm looking to dive into some of the really advanced features -- up to and including scripting and customizing the HTML output from the courses.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks,


Rich Sigfrit

If only there was someone from Articulate that could make an online training course :)

Honestly, I think you guys are leaving money on the table for not having a course! It may not be an accredited college course, but something official from the official Articulate company would carry a lot of weight for those of us that love the software!

Steve Gannon

Hi Jeremy,

I think the scarcity of advanced Storyline courses is probably due to the variations in what Storyline users consider "advanced."

As a Storyline instructor myself, I have found that some users' definition of advanced is more closely associated with the needs of an intermediate user (someone with a year or two of experience). Others really just want a half-day of tips and tricks. Some users know Storyline very well but want to learn how to create more engaging and interactive eLearning applications.

But then there are others who want to learn what I consider to be programming or scripting skills, such as how to write Javascript that they can leverage in Storyline, or how to write a PHP script that can capture data gathered from a published Storyline project and send it to a database, or like yourself who wants to learn how to customize the published HTML. Such topics have very little to do with Storyline itself (for you, the Storyline work is no doubt the easy part!).

It's difficult to develop an advanced Storyline course that addresses the needs of these varying requests while keeping the class brief and economical. Therefore, I think you'll find many Storyline training providers need to custom-develop a course that meets your specific needs.

- Steve


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