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Mar 21, 2018

I'm trying to create a conversation script in Storyline. Similar to what's in the engage slide. I want to create a button or something so that the user can click on it and then the next part of the conversation will appear and the previous step will disappear. Can someone help me with this? I took a screen shot of what I have set up so far. Thank you. P.s. I am new to storyline. :)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amanda

here is a rough Peek video that might get you started

So all the objects 'character headshots' and 'captions' will be set to an initial hidden state (state tab) and as you click the first character, their caption and the next headshot displays. Then click the 2nd headshot and their caption and the next headshot displays.

I've also attached the SL360 file.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Amanda

every object on the screen (except for the first headshot) starts in a hidden state. So once you place them on the slide, select each one individually and go to the States tab > Edit states and choose 'hidden' from the dropdown

Name everything in the timeline so you know which object is which

The first trigger you want is the first caption box to appear

Trigger: Change state of Rectangular Caption 1 to normal when the user clicks on Character 1 - First.

At the same time you want the second character's headshot to appear. 

Trigger: Change state of Character 2 - First to normal when the user clicks on Character 1 - First. 

Then you just follow that by adding the triggers for the other captions and images.

Amanda McDermid

Hi Wendy! Thank you for those steps that helped out a ton! My only other question....

So when the learner clicks on Character 1 - First the Caption 1 appears which is great. But how do I get Character 2 - First to appear so that the learner can click on it and see the caption? I just don't get how to get the character to appear once the previous caption has been read. Could you send me steps on that? Thanks!

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